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Zhu Tianxi, the Most Outstanding Shao Lin Master Cao Bian
Shao Lin Liu He Kung-fu Shi Lang
2007′ International Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Cultural Forum and the Second International Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Seminar Editorial Department
Global Grand Party of Liu He Ba Fa Quan Successors Meng
Wu WenhanVisited Malaysia  
5 To Kung-fu Successors Cao Meng
Special Series of Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Seminar  

12 Brief Introduction to 2007′ International Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Cultural Forum & The Second International Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Seminar

Editorial Department
  • 16 Purpose of Holding Kung-fu Forum & Seminar
  • 18 About the Top Level Kung-fu Forum
  • 20 What is Real Chinese Kung-fu?
22 Representatives'Speeches  
  • 22 Master Zhu Tianxi's Speech On Behalf of International Chinese Traditional Kung-fu Federation
Zhu Tianxi
  • 23 Core Technique of Traditional Tai Ji
Li Shujun
  • 24 Thoughts on the Status Quo of Chinese Traditional Kung-fu
Liu Rushi
  • 26 Kung-fu & Communication
Chen Shuzhen
  • 27 Great Platform for Communication
Zhang Jingyan
  • 28 What did Chinese Kung-fu Serve for?
Yang Zhiying
  • 29 Traditional Kung-fu Is in the Folk
Zheng Yantong
30 Masters'Performance  
Special Series of Hao Weizhen's Tai Ji Quan  
34 The Truth of Hao Weizhen Tai Ji Quan Shi Mian
36 Liu Jishun, Successor of Hao Shaoru Tai Ji Quan Liang Weiming
38 Practicing Methods of HaoWeizhen Tai Ji Quan Liu Jishun
44 Analysis on Li Baoyu's Tai Ji Kung-fu Imparted by Hao Weizhen Li Jianfang
52 Empty, Loose, Round & Agile Wang Xiaolun
56 Master Hao Shaoru's Successors in Wenzhou Cao Bian
Kung-fu in the Global  
58 A Journey to Taiping City, Malaysia Wu Wenhan
Kung-fu and Culture Lecture  
62 Mei Hua Quan Master Han Baiguang Lectured in Hong Kong Sylvia
Special Series of Pak Mei Quan System  
65 Commemoration for Master Cheung Lai Chuen's Birth Zhang Ru
66 An Interview to Master Cheung Bing Lam Liang Weiming
70 Pak Mei Shing Tak Tong Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Kevin
72 My Understanding of Practicing Pak Mei Quan Poon Shing Tek
Special Series of Gusi Peace Prize  
76 Thomas Cheng Honored 2007′ Gusi Peace Prize Ko Ching
Kung-fu Master  
82 In Line with Traditional Kung-fu Sutra & in Company with the Oracles (V) Li Shujun
Back Cover Story  
86 Hui Kit Wah, Successor of Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan Irene
Various Genres of Kung-fu  
88 Zuo Family Quan Zhou Anda
94 Chang Long Biao Ju and Master Zuo Changde Zhou Anda
98 My Experience of Practicing Yan Qing Quan (II) Li Guoqiang
Kung-fu Online  
102 120th Birth Anniversary of Master Wu Yihui Meng
104 Eighteenth Anniversary of Guangzhou Wing Chun Association Sylvia
Shao Lin Quan System  
106 Shao Lin Luo Han Quan (XII) Zhu Tianxi
108 Ten Sections in Practicing Lian Dan Gong on Bed (IV) Provided by CMAIIC Reference Room


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